Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On me bike

I've got a new passion in my life - before you get excited that there might be a whole load of goss it's actually with an old bike!  Dusted off, cleaned, tires pumped up & new basket in place i've been pootling around (is that a real word?)  up hill and down dale (well to the shops anyway) but this time of year with the bright rapeseed in full brilliant eye scorching yellow what could be nicer that a gentle cycle around the leafy lanes (slight exaggeration as i live in the suburbs but yes there are fields!!).  With this new passion i've been searching through for the ultimate stylie accessories for the cycling expert that I now am and have come across the amazing Beg Bicycles with their romantic images of all things delightful on the bike front and not a hint of sweaty lycra in sight - aah lovely.http://www.begbicycles.com/ride/bella

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