Thursday, 15 December 2011 has always come up trumps when it comes to finding the perfect sofa for a shoot (thanks to my mate Gav) and they are really on the ball when it comes to being on the pulse with the latest colour themes and trends.  Their new  collaboration with St Judes -  artist designed and made fabrics from Britain is top of my style stakes as it's one of my favourite sites for finding  beautiful screen printed fabrics and accessories perfect for an ooh or an aah so now to see them adorning sofas and chairs is just wonderful.

The snowdrop loveseat is covered in Doveflight designed by Mark Hearld but customers can choose any model and have it covered in three St Jude's fabric in three colour ways. - just gorgeous!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Spring in dull dingy November

I've just spent the last few days styling the new beds and linens shots for Feather & Black's spring brochure which as well as working with the lovely F&B team is also a great chance to see what inspiring new products will be in the shops soon - the Sienna Sofa (see the shot with model below) is such a great looking piece of furniture teaming french style chic with a great high street price and a personal favourite is the new gigantic Fulham upholstered bed which would be just the thing for a bit of wow factor in your bedroom -

Lovely Creative Director Andrew shocked us all by turning up on the shoot with his rather strange looking Movember moustache and beard combo - but after our initial shocked expressions and plenty of laughter we all got down to work... I hope you like reading about Andrew's account of the day on the shoot and try not to stare at his self portrait!

Feather & Black Spring shoot

It’s difficult to think of a beautiful warm spring as we race into winter. However, that’s what the F&B team has been upto for the last few weeks. Hunting out new locations, casting models and choosing our favourite products from next seasons new range of furniture and linen.
So at 7.30am on a cold misty morning the team start to arrive at Purley Hall near Reading. Its a stunning location, originally built in 1609 – we felt like we were walking into Downton Abbey.
The first hour is spent frantically unpacking… it’s always a relief when everyone and everything make it through the door. Lots of coffee and cake to kick start the day. Thanks to Di  (super stylist) there is always a tasty array of nibbles.
Then the big work starts; getting the right lighting, the right angles. Each individual element of the lighting is worked on separately.
Tim and Jose shout at each other through the windows as they create a little bit of spring sunshine through the leaves outside.
The new Fulham bed looks fantastic, its the first time we have really seen it in all its glory and all are agreed that its going to be a great seller.
Carolyn stays warm in the kitchen as she prepares Rebecca for the day ahead… it’s an amazing start to the day by 10.30 the first shot is looking good. There is alot required from the days shoot – we are looking for brochure cover options, contents page options, all the promo shots for the Spring campaign and if all goes well we would like to squeeze in a new mattress shot.
The secret to getting great shots is a fantastic team, great products and lots of fun. The constant distraction of Andrew new moustache for Movember fails to distract  many for too long. (they are not his real glasses)
We are trying a new format for the contents spread… the shot is amazing my favourite of the day
Andrew and Laura spend most of their afternoon with their faces glued to the monitor watching a variety of setups pouring in.
Then we open the doors and let in the freezing air as Rebecca pretends to be warm in what is becoming the coldest day of November so far. The shot is lovely, just what we need for our window posters.
No time to stop as Tim is shooting Di is setting up the next shot on the other side of the room, the new trunks are very exciting. The accessories range at F&B has really developed over the last 12 months – allowing us to try lots of new combinations.
We get to 4.00pm and now its dark outside… one last shot to do. The feathers are really starting to fly as Rebecca is blowing them all over the place. It takes a few goes to get it just right – but at 4.45 we are done. Now things really get busy we have 15 minutes to pack up and get out before the 5.00 deadline.
Sitting in the car at 5.10pm we made it  – already the conversation slides towards what we are shooting for summer…

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Written by Andrew

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hot off the scalpel..

Looking at the Natural History Origin of Style site (see previous post) led me to this amazing work from Helen Musselwhite which really is worthy of a good stare for at least five minutes per image just to take in all the intricate detail and beautiful workmanship.  I do love a paper cut and Helen's work will be on my ever growing wish list of purchases... - or perhaps i should be off to Hobbycraft to get a scalpel and paper ....

Autumn Treats

I know we should all be starting (or finishing) our Christmas shopping but I wouldn't mind a sneaky purchase  for myself (or loud hint for xmas prezzies) from any of the beautiful things on the Natural History Origin of Style Collection  From cushions to wall hangings and notebooks (could almost inspire me to pen a Period Drama) - each item is just beautiful  - good for a bit of ooh factor on a rainy morning. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011


How amazing are these paper creations from  Jennifer Collier - i've always loved a bit of papier mache myself but these beautiful works of art just take it to a whole new level...just need a bit ore time and patience but perhaps a weekend project could be in order....

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A magazine of loveliness

I've mentioned a company Patchwork Harmony on my blog before - it's a great source of wonderful vintage style bits and bobs for your home and I'm always taking a sneaky peak to see what lovely things are on offer.  The brains behind Patchwork - Caroline Taylor has now launched an inspiring on line mag too so you can indulge and read about a world of loveliness. 91 magazine has a range of  features from great contributors including friend and fellow blogger Ellie Tennant as well as ideas for crafts, shopping and vintage style interiors what's more its FREE.... so get reading now about the world of pretty pretty ideas.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Autumn Brights

With the days drawing in I'm loving these vibrant floral wallcoverings and fabrics from the Designers Guild new Amrapali Autumn collection to add an eye popping splash of colour into our homes this Autumn.  My favourite is the jewel coloured Amrapali wallpaper in the exotic clashing brights swhich just looks stunning.  Team with bright white for the colour to zing out in your room- and forget the feature wall go all out for flowers all over for the new look statement style.

Teeny weeny pots of style

I've always been a fan of the borrowers and all things on a miniature scale (note the obsession with dolls house furniture in the past!) so whilst doing my research for a Country Homes shoot I came across these beautiful ceramic mini pots from designer maker Jill Shaddock - they are in such lovely colours - dark and moody tones in shades of brown  with unexpected accents of colour in emerald green and citrus yellow thrown in for good measure- a perfect treat   - the problem is you need a whole collection to appreciate the beautiful colour combinations.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Jump into the Blue

Last year I styled an all blue decorating feature for Ideal Home playing with tone on tone and since then my passion for dark blue has become a bit of an obsession particularly for that intense shade of Prussian Blue - it's a bit like a favourite pair of jeans that look good with whatever you choose to pair them with.  However if this is just too much of a leap into the deep then try introducing a splash of  a brighter blue to a scheme - a dash of  azure, cobalt, electric or sapphire will add an eye catching accent to a neutral scheme or if you want to take a dip into one of this seasons most fashionable shades then take a leaf from my book and go for an all blue scheme in navy, midnight,  indigo or royal blue for a dark dramatic look.

(pics 1, 2, 6 & 7) The Danish company Bloomingville show off their Autumn Winter collections with inspiring palettes of  moody blues - (other images)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to School

Maths was never my strong point but i'm loving the new trend for Autumn from Ferm Living which features those oh so familiar shapes from the humble triangle to the cone and cube all looking so cool and up to the minute.  So even if your times tables are a bit rusty gen up on Geometry for a little geek chic in your home

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dreaming of a lazy day in the sunshine

If only.... we had some long hot summer days to while away the hours in a garden like the one below...i wish.....  But on a serious note I had an amazing time styling this 'Roses' feature for Period Living magazine with fab photographer Mark Scott - not only did we have perfect weather for the shoot but the garden was just stunning .. and if you do fancy making an ice bowl like the one below - Simply place one bowl inside another one - tape the two bowls together at the top edge to keep them level and with an even circumference between the two bowls. Gently pour water in between the bowls (drop some flower petals or foliage into the gap between the bowls for added detail) .  Place in a freezer then hey presto!! - when frozen tip out and you'll have the perfect ice bowl for all those 'summer' celebrations when we do get a fab sunny day...

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A lot of knit know-how..

I do love a bit of knitting but after  coming across Melanie Porter who creates amazing knitted furniture and accessories i'm feeling rather insignificant with my rather basic knitting skills... I used Melanie's brill furniture recently on a shoot for the British Wool Marketing Board and as well as showcasing some of her fab products also styled images highlighting some of our other great home grown British Wool products from our very own and very woolly British sheep.  To find out more about British Wool take a look at    

Topping the Tile Stakes

Welbeck  have always had the coolest designs for adorning your walls with a tile or two - I have the odd one here and there around my home that i've collected over the years making a fab stylie piece of art.  Their new Patchwork floral tiles just add to their genius -  on trend with the Patchwork theme and a perennial classic with the florals.. so a double whammy there then.  The hardest part is choosing the ones you like best as they are all so pretty....Great news too as Welbeck are launching a special gift collection range of boxed tiles featuring adverts and postcards so if you don't need to tile a splashback or entire wall treat yourself to one of these..

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Chic Cheat Cushions

Take a sneak peak into Dunelm Mill and snap up their new cushions for a little designer style at rock bottom prices - For those familiar with Diamonique and Primani lingo There's a little bit of Missoniesque style to inject some smart stripes into your home, there's City Skyline (another big trend) for that 'eye spy' catch up of London landmarks, colourful crochet for all you boho fans and a striking Welsh dragon cushion for all you Kate and Wills fans - search for your nearest store and get there quick before they sell out..

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Glamping Forever

Glamping is oh so hot right now - even when it's soggy, boggy and in our unpredictable English weather rather grim - it is still the buzz word of the season and if you haven't glamped it up then you're just not in with the in crowd... HomeSense (one of my favourite prop haunts for picking up all sorts of weird and wonderful things at rock bottom prices) is right on trend with their Glamping products so get in there quick before the Festival season ends. -
If camping doesn't float your boat  (in this weather) get to HomeSense anyway as you'll be sure to come out with some great bargains..

Monday, 23 May 2011

60 Minute Makeover with Hollymaus...

Yup 60 minute makeover but not as we know it - no shoddy paintwork or downright unrealistic complete house redec - i came across this pretty summer makeover on  -one porch, 60 mins and photographed by Holly Becker - loving the transformation. -Right  then.... timer at the ready - what can I get done in 60 minutes other than two episodes of Eastenders...

My Porch

Many of you asked to see my porch in more detail so here are some photos for you today that I also blogged over on decor8. I hope that you are inspired by my one hour transformation because that is exactly how long it took me to take a room that looked like this on a Friday:

view from other side of wintergarten

To this, in one hour (notice strategically placed dot to conceal still expose bulb on the wall).

Relaxing on my porch...

Relaxing on my porch...

Relaxing on my porch...
Relaxing on my porch...

Have a nice week, I'm going to be working a lot but I'll pop in if I can sometime this week. xo

(images: Holly Becker)

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I've seen some things on my styling travels -but this big log certainly caught my eye - not my usual find of pretty diddly doos but...nevertheless a show stopper to be sure. Described as a  'Tree Trunk Bench" at the pricely sum of €11.000,00 but before you get too excited waiting for your big log to arrive -  you only get the chair backs as the designer Jurgen Bey feels it riduculous to transport tree trunks when they are locally available... now then what can I find in my garden .... -

Monday, 16 May 2011

Flamingo a go go...

 I'm not normally a fan of all things feathered... chickens give me the spooks and pigeons make me cower in horror but now this latest birdy trend is one that I am finding fun with a capital 'F" - it's the funky feathered flamingo trend - the perfect accessory to add a splash of summer colour to your home. Take a look at Chloe Croft for cushions, art and all things flamingo, check out this pic from HomeSense with its 'spot the flamingo' print - it's the updated version of 'spot the ball' - my latest flamingo spotting hobby!!... and...if you fancy going pink in a big way then get a crafty with colour and splash out on some 'Flamingo Pink' fabric dye - the future's looking bright..