Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dreaming of a lazy day in the sunshine

If only.... we had some long hot summer days to while away the hours in a garden like the one below...i wish.....  But on a serious note I had an amazing time styling this 'Roses' feature for Period Living magazine with fab photographer Mark Scott - not only did we have perfect weather for the shoot but the garden was just stunning .. and if you do fancy making an ice bowl like the one below - Simply place one bowl inside another one - tape the two bowls together at the top edge to keep them level and with an even circumference between the two bowls. Gently pour water in between the bowls (drop some flower petals or foliage into the gap between the bowls for added detail) .  Place in a freezer then hey presto!! - when frozen tip out and you'll have the perfect ice bowl for all those 'summer' celebrations when we do get a fab sunny day...

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