Saturday, 17 March 2012

Homebase Goes High Rise

Yes this is an amazing creation - and blowing my own trumpet I had a hand in helping to create this fifty container ten story home for Homebase which includes three gardens, three kitchens, living rooms, bedroom and bathroom.   I've always had a fascination with unique houses stemming from a love of Tracey Island's uber contemporary home as a child so when asked to come up with ideas for the interiors of the Container House I was thrilled and so excited - how could you not want to get involved in this dream challenge??
I had numerous late nights drawing up scale drawings for the interior rooms and trawling the Homebase store in search of the right  sofa or wallpaper to include in the very narrow container rooms and make them look real lived in interiors - a challenge when decorating long thin containers but take a look at the advert and check out the finished results (and take a sneak peak at how it was all made and as Homebase say - 'with a little imagination you can create anything!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

A splash of sunshine...

Back in dull dark December in fact just the week before Christmas I styled this shoot for Period Living magazine hoping to turn probably one of the darkest days of the year into a bright spring setting.  With photographer Mark Scott we really went to town on turning up the sunshine..and here are some of the results.    I love this combination of soft yellow, green and white - it's fresh and pretty and a splash of instant sunshine. I fancy the idea of adding some colour to the floor and what better way than one of the Rug Company's amazing creations.  Ok they are a little on the pricy side but then they are a statement piece on your floor and you can take them with you if you move home - so i'd say that was an investment and money well spent.