Monday, 27 February 2012

It's all White..

I've raved about Bodie & Fou many times and here I go again but.. they never fail to please with lovely styled pics and for the ability to feature a  bit of inspiration, fab gift ideas or treats for yourself to ooh and aah over.

 These pics are right up my street - i do love a bit of white - its just timeless effortless chic - and as for the ladder -instant styling idea and shed salvage chic - so i'm off to rummage in the shed.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Passion for Prussian

 I'm banging on about it again but that deep dark shade of blue is still showing up topping the fashion stakes and i just can't resist it's inky loveliness in that watercolour favourite Prussian blue - Textile design expert Fi Douglas from Bluebellgray has introduced these delightful painterly patterns into her latest collection -


I've always been fascinated by trims and trimmings and have spent many happy hours rummaging in the tantalising VV Rouleaux shop stroking the tassels, feathers and all things pretty pretty so I was thrilled to find these amazing trims by passementier Jessica Light.  Her oh so beautiful trimmings have adorned the Sultan of Brunei's throne room as well as she's made belts and bracelets for Vivienne Westwood - pretty cool credentials for starters - Her collections are just stunning and this Nevada collection full of Tribal glam is spot on for the hot tribal trend of the season -  See Jessica's work at Craft London in March

Monday, 6 February 2012

A trip up the M1

Birmingham beckoned recently as I was asked by UBM the organisers of Interiors UK  to style the entrance halls at this years exhibition at the NEC. With my team of amazing styling assistants and setbuilders we ate our hearty fry ups in preparation for the hard slog of completing the marathon circuit at the NEC to get all the hall entrances decorated in time for the show opening...
Each hall was styled with a quirky spin on a British theme with items loaned from key exhibitors at Interiors UK who I am extremely grateful to for coming up trumps with my rather large request lists.   A big thanks to India Jane, Content by Conran, Artefact, Nordlux, Halotech Emporium, Bluebone, The New English, Aleal and Illuminati - all items shown in these pics also to Mindy Browns, Libra, Genesis, Original Bookworks (i'll put up some pics for all to see soon...)  Also a big thanks to Wallpaper Direct for supplying some show stopping wallpapers, DoShop for the brill skulls and Ayres & Graces for some fab glitzy picture frames.

A final and rather large slap on the back as well as a huge thank you has to go to  lovely Beryl Miller for making up the wholly unenviable task - a suit of armour made from fabric.  Beryl slaved over a hot needle and threads and the result was stunning - meet Gaylord, Knight of Interiors UK - Beryl has said - never again!

Fab Fakes

This weeks You magazine heralded the talents of Abigail Brown who makes amazing feathered birds from scraps of fabric.   Needless to say I am a big fan of hers and am very jealous of her oh so detailed creations (i fancy having a go but know they would look rubbish!) and not only love her magical creatures but am also loving the whole 'faux' thing going on.   There's a whole host of clever faux finishes around  from clever wallpapers that imitate concrete, wood and metal, fabric imitating croc skin or zebra and those quirky fakes that add a fun touch such as animal heads made from papier mache - so out with the white walls and in with the safari animal print and the trophy head.. go with the faux...