Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crafting it

 Rummaging through Etsy as you do and I came across this cushion from All the Luck in the world but what caught my eye were the vases on the wall - really quirky  and a great idea too - papier mache here I come...

Feeling Folksy

Folk art is one of the latest trends on the high street and i'm loving these naive handmade artworks by Chicago based artist Dolan Geiman.  Made from old scraps collected from his surroundings he recycles, mixes painting with collage and are then gives the pieces his unmistakable weathered look -  -

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Michelin Magic..

My trip to the Conran Shop on Friday not only proved fruitful  snapping up some of the sale items at bargain prices perfect for a shoot I am working on  but meant I could also have a good look at the 100 years of Michelin House exhibits in the store which are lovely and definitely worth celebrating such a fab building which has to be one of my favourites in London. . - The Michelin prints are just amazing too - the 100the birthday one is designed by Marta Dlugoleckla from The Royal College of Art - i'm adding one of those to my wish list and while I'm at it one of the original ones too -

Friday, 14 January 2011

Junkofiles unite..

I'm always taking a sneaky peak at Sibella Court's amazing website (she's a brilliant Australian stylist - so do have a browse if you haven't heard of her yet as her site and shop TheSocietyInc has plenty of pics to drool over)  -As a stylist myself it's great to see that i'm not just the only nutter to collect shells, stones, keys, cotton reels, string, bits of old paper and the list goes on and on much to my other half's amusement- so if you do have a penchant for finding the 'odd' bit of stuff then take a look... 

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Admiration with a capital A

I've always been a fan of Andrew Martin from their fab shop in Walton Street  where you can always find something truly aaa-maa-zing and unexpected for a shoot as well as they always have the most dramatic showstopping stands at all the trade exhibitions which really do take some beating.
 I seem to have been featuring wallpapers constantly on the blog lately so thought it the perfect opportunity to add these Andrew Martin ones to my list of favourites. Wallpaper not surprisingly, as a backlash to all those plain pastel walls of recent years is seeing a mass revival.   Designers have just gone wallpaper crazy with fantastic inventive and unique designs springing up all over the place - so... keep watching and i'll keep looking.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Time for a Stitch or two..

Although i'm rather biased when it comes to Tapestry as my friend Emily Peacock in my opinion is the Tapestry Queen - i just couldn't resist these amazing designs from Elizabeth Bradley inspired by works at the V&A - i'm loving the country house style -bring back the Victorian era - at least then i'd have the time to get stitching. 

Sightseeing without the crowds..

After the glamour and glitz of Christmas I'm loving this refreshingly cool  'Festival' wallpaper by Mini Moderns which celebrates the 1951 Festival of Britain with its fab geometric and abstract designs showing the iconic Skylon, The Royal Festival Hall and the Dome of Discovery. -so you can sightsee from your armchair -